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Lumisenses LED Stand Kit contains:

1x Lumisenses LED Stand Device
1x Lumisenses Led Glue 5ml
1x 4D Lumisenses Mink Fans
1x Gel pad patches 1x2pc
1x Lumisenses LED Glue base

UV Wave length 395 – 400 nm
Power 5W
Input 5V-1A

FULL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR DEVICES: https://lashoffice.com/lumisenses/

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Lumisenses LED Stand Device with slim design and long flexible gooseneck.
Easily adjustable and stable lamp fits perfectly into your work area, without taking much space.
Operated by foot pedal.

Plug the LED Stand Device to power supply.
Place the light 10 cm from the eye.
Press the pedal and hold it down to cure the glue. NB! Make sure the LED light is directed on the glue and eyelash bond. Hold the pedal 2-3 seconds, which is enough time for the LED Glue to cure. Attention: Do not hold the pedal down longer than 3 seconds!

Safe & Tested
Cures glue with 2-3 seconds
Latest LED technology

The device has been tested and measured in accordance with EVS-EN 62471 : 2008 and ISO 21348 standards. The measurement results regarding the potential radiation hazard are significantly lower than the limit values specified in the standards.

Standard EVS-EN 62471 : 2008 – Photobiological safety of lamps and lighting equipment.

ISO 21348 Space environment (natural and artificial) – Process the determining solar irradiances.