Lash MentorIng – ONLINE

Duration 3h
Price 180€

The mentoring course includes a total of 3 hours of training and the training is prepared according to the student’s questions. The student prepares the questions in order of importance and the interview takes place three times and the duration of the interview is 1 hour. 

Duration 3-4 hours
Price: 79€

What are the main areas of pain during working?
Why do various muscle, bone, nerve pains occur and how can they be prevented?
We analyze different massage tables and their suitability.
We analyze work chairs and their suitability.
We analyze the working methods of eyelash technicians.
Why is your list of services important?
Why is it so hot sometimes?
What can the technician himself do when the client is on the table?
Are the arms/shoulders, back/legs in the correct position?
Exercises and tools for everyday working life.
Small everyday tricks to ensure the correct working posture.
… and lots more!
In addition, you will learn special points with which you can instantly relax your muscles, both for yourself and even for your loved ones.

Duration 3-4 hours
Price: 250€

LUMISENSES Led system device has been developed based on the ergonomics of a lash technician’s work, does not burden the hand and fits into every lash tweezer. When you press the pedal once, the LED lights up for 5 seconds, which is enough time for the LUMISENSES LED GLUE to cure.

Working time on LUMISENSES LED SYSTEM DEVICE is 10 000 hours (LED). Engineers and scientists from TALTECH (University of Technology), Institute of Cybernetics have been involved in the development and measurement of the device.


The procedure for eyelash extensions application requires max. 2 drops of glue. The glue no longer dries on the glue base as fast as it needs LED light to cure. You no longer have to worry about the temperature and humidity in the room.

The glue cures in 5 seconds with LUMISENSES LED SYSTEM DEVICE . A thin layer of glue ensures fast and maximum adhesion and a non-sticky result. Eyelashes never stick together again! This fastens lash technicians work significantly.

The glue has a low level of odor and vapors.  It does not irritate the eyes because the glue cures immediately and the glue vapors do not activate even after taking a shower. Glue can be removed with LUMISENSES GLUE REMOVER