0. Led Glue TRAINERS Training

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A lash technician should have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in applying lash extensions. This experience is crucial as it ensures the technician has encountered a variety of situations, including dealing with different lash types, handling complex client requests, and solving application-related issues.

Training includes:
1. Online training
2. Contact training
3. Lumisenses Led Glue Starting Kits for Trainers

Lumisenses Led Glue trainer will be a part of Lumisenses family.
To ensure the best fit and preparation for our LED glue trainer program, we require all interested technicians to book an interview in advance. This step allows us to assess your suitability and readiness for the training. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule your interview.

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Led Glue training includes online and contact training day:

Online training:
3 – 4 hours (depending on a experience of lash technicians)
The online course is live, that is, the trainer is on site presenting the pre-downloaded material and answering any questions.
It is recommended to print out the downloaded material.
The trainer also introduces the existing video materials on the computer screen and, if necessary, explains visually using the blackboard.

Contact training:
1 day from 9.00 – 18.00

09.00 Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:30 Introduction and Overview
Welcome by the host.
Introduction to the training objectives and schedule.
Overview of Led Glue technology and its benefits in the lash extension industry.

10.00 Theoretical Session Part 1
Detailed discussion on the chemistry and properties of Led Glue.
Understanding the safety protocols and health considerations.
Techniques for effective application of Led Glue.
Troubleshooting common issues and how to avoid them.

12:00 Lunch Break – provided

13.00 Practical Application
Hands-on practice with dummy models.
Demonstrations of different lash application techniques using Led Glue.
Learning advanced lash extension techniques.
Advanced Techniques and Marketing
Strategies to market Led Glue services in salons.

Q&A and Feedback Session

Collect feedback to improve future training sessions.

18.00 Certification and Closing

Closing remarks and end of training session.
Access to a follow-up online forum for ongoing support and community building.

Starting kit for trainers includes:
1. Tweezer device
2. Flex device
3. Stand device
4. Led glue
5. And other small tools o provide lash extension service