Volume Lashes Beginner Course

499,00 VAT excluded

In this course you will have the teacher exclusively at your service.
Volume lashes beginner
Duration: 2 days
Price 599€


1  st day schedule:

Theory: mapping, mixing curves, layering, retention, how to choose right glue, correct thickness and length, how to apply eyepatches and tapes, fan technique and correct installation, hygiene, home care for customers, practicing making volume fans and practicing placing them on a mannequin.
And much  more!

2 nd day schedule:

Working with the model – (eyelash tinting), applying of eyelash extensions on a model.

At the end of the second day, student will get certificate.

Starting kit includes: theory material, volume tweezers, separation tweezers, eyepatches, tape, brushes, lash shampoo, glue, lash extensions mix box, false lashes for homework.

All courses continue with 6 month mentoring in WhatsApp