0. Lami Super Booster Lash & Brow Lift Starting Kit

200,00 VAT excluded

Starting Kit includes:

  1. Lami Super Booster Perming and fixing lotion CLASSIC (10 x perming + 10 x fixing) and ALOE ( 10 x perming + 10 x fixing)
  2. Set of lower and upper shields
  3. Lami Super Booster Lamination cream, 10pc
  4. Lash & brow  lift glue, 1pc
  5. Lash Prep, 1pc
  6. Nutrilash, 1pc
  7. Lash Lift Brush
  8. Silicone reusable eye pads
  9. Small brushes and other small tools

Starting Kit includes all necessary products to perform Lash and Brow Lift for the customers and it will  be sold only to:
1. LashOffice own students,
2. beauticians, who will send their Lash or Brow Lift training certificate to our e-mail info@lashoffice.com
3. Trainers will get discount code and can purchase Starting Kits only if they have taken LashOffice Trainers Training Lash & Brow Lift course.