DaLashes lash lift samples

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The 1 step product should be applied on lashes for 6-12 minutes only.
Moreover, your clients will be pleased with sweet caramel smell of the product.

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1 step in lash lift solves two tasks:
Lifts cuticula’s flakes and provides necessary substances penetration into hair.
Blocks disulfide bonds to make hair more elastic.
2 step solves five tasks:
Recovers disulfide bonds and hair elasticity;
Infuses amino acids into hair keratin structure;
Fixes curl form;
Pre-covers cuticula’s flakes;
Prepares hair for dying;
3 step:
Keratin gel with the hyaluronic acid foundation is a combination of active substances
(keratin, silk, Vitamin E, proteins, Dwarf Palm extract) that immediately affects hair
keratin structure by recovering it. We recommend to use this product at the last
step after hair dying procedure. It will cover hair flakes persisting all useful
substances inside.
(1,5 ml)
Step 1 – LIFT  PH 8,2-8,9

Step 2 –  FIX PH 2,4-4