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Starting kit includes all necessary products and tools to perform Asian Lash Lift for 25 to 30 people as:

  1. Asian Lash Lift perming, fixing and mask
  2. Set of shields
  3. Secret Sauce
  4. Lash Prep, 1pc
  5. Nutrilash, 1pc
  6. Lash Lift Brush
  7. Lotion brush
  8. Silicone reusable eye pads 2 pc
  9. Silicone holder for tint, glue and water
  10. Small brushes and other small tools

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Training will include:
– FULL theory Lash Lift manual and training sheets,
– teachers Lash & Brow Lift presentation on a model,
– Starting Kit with Lash & Brow Lift products.

Student needs to invite own   model to practice first steps.
Later on – student can come  to salon KauneusKonttori to practice on customers.