9. ASIAN Lash Lift – online

250,00 incl tax 24%

Our  Asian Lash Lift training is for advanced professionals and it provides participants with all the necessary skills related to this new Lash Lift technology.
Training includes:
1. Theory
2. Presentation on model
3. Questions and answers

NB! Online course includes Asian Lash Lift Starting Kit, which have to be sent before the course.  Therefore post cost will be added to your  purchase.


Now is the opportunity to learn the tested technique of Asian Lash Lift. Learn how to safely lift eyelashes according to the condition of each client’s eyelashes and always achieve perfect results.
Asian Lash Lift keeps service costs low and profits high.

Steps to take an online course:
1. Read the conditions to make sure that the course is suitable for you. If it turns out later that the course is not suitable for you, we will return the course amount – 15% of the brokerage fees. If you do not know whether the course is suitable, consult by sending an e-mail to: info@lashoffice.com
2. Purchase a course
3. An initial e-mail will be sent to you and a convenient time will be agreed upon. Courses are organized 7 + days from the purchase of the course.
4. If your course includes a starter package, the date of the course will be agreed upon when you have notified that the package has been received.
5. The trainer can postpone the course if the minimum number of participants is not reached by the agreed date.

Training will take place in a Zoom or Google MEET.
Minimum 2 and max 4 students per group

Weight 0,5 kg