5. ASIAN Lash Lift

250,00 incl tax 24%

Duration: max 4 hours, depending on number of participants.

Minimum 2 and max 4 students per group

Asian Lash Lift – Learn how to safely lift eyelashes according to the condition of each client’s eyelashes and always achieve perfect results.



Asian Lash Lift training is suitable as additional training for a technician who has previously completed a basic lash lift course.

Daily schedule:

10:00 morning coffee and the trainer makes a sample work for the model.
11.30 we continue with the theory
13.00 Lunch break
13.30 Let’s continue with the theory
15.00 certificates

Special events and extra offers are including also the possibility for the student to train with model with no extra cost.
The training includes a starter package that allows you to perform the Asian Lash Lift treatment for 20 – 30 people.

You will receive a comprehensive

  • lash manual
  • lash lift practice kit
  • training certificate
  • marketing strategies.

Purpose of the course:
The course provides theoretical knowledge to immediately start providing the Lash Lift service.